Life’s a beach…


Since my last post I have been to Goa and Mumbai…the beautiful beach on the west coast (other side of the country from my home base) and the big city. Both are far different from Bhubaneswar in terms of having greater international influence and also having been under Portuguese rule prior to British. Goa is an international vacation destination, mainly frequented by Russians and Brits–so I’m told. Mumbai is obviously renowned around the world, but many in India still refer it as Bombay. These below pictures are from Goa.

N.B.: 1) I am still that kid from the middle of the country who takes a picture of every wave when she sees the ocean for the first time…my apologies, but I did try to contain myself. 2) You can click on any photo to enlarge and scroll through the gallery of enlarged photos.




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  1. Molly….nice pictures. This is Holiday Inn resort right? I stayed there last May during my Fulbright orientation. The beaches are awesome………

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