I will probably back date a post detailing the rest of my adventures in Rajasthan, at the Taj Mahal, and in Delhi…but it was a hot and exhausting (though exciting) two weeks, that I am not quite ready to relive yet. But for now…


Yesterday, I landed at the Kathmandu airport and other than the fact that the airport does not accept their own currency for visa fees, we arrived without any major problems. Even flying in to Nepal, you could see the topography change drastically from the Indian jungles and near-middle eastern deserts we’d been in. Landing in Nepal was a dream come true for me.

My freshman year of high school I read Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, a book about climbing Mt. Everest. I also met Jamling Norgay and Peter Hillary, sons of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. They have climbed the peak, as did their fathers before them. I declared to my mom at fourteen that I was in fact going to Nepal. And here I am.

My first impression is that this is a city surrounded by mountainous hills, where the earth meets the sky. The way that clouds billow through the trees in the distance is just breathtaking.

From the airport, we drove through the dusty and crowded city of Kathmandu–that was actually calm following our stay in Delhi, but probably not so coming from anywhere else in the world. The paved roads were bumpy. The partially paved roads? Bumpier. The bumpiest roads are a tossup between the gravel and unpaved roads. I wasn’t sure our car would make it up and down the steep hilly roads.

But then we arrived to the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. We are staying as guests and volunteering for just a few short days. I can only hope to come back and stay longer in the near future. They are building an orphanage, they run a health clinic, they built a library/community center, they run a kindergarten, they conduct organic farming practices, and much more. They even sell beautiful jewelry handmade by women in the village. I have met some other volunteers here from all over, but many from the U.S. It’s been so fun to talk with them.



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