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Wonder and Awe

My bucket list just got a bit longer. I don’t normally post links, but these photos were just too incredible not to share. Awe-inspiring in the true sense of both visually stunning and fear inducing (in a reverence for nature sort of way). What a beautiful, strange, and amazing world we live in!


Out and About in Odisha-Part I


Here are some photos of our Wednesday journey! We took the day to go to the Peace Pagoda, Konark Temple, Puri district, the beach (Bay of Bengal off the Indian Ocean), a heritage artisan crafts village (never seen anything like that in my whole life!), and a market place.

This is Part I. I came prepared with 4 extra AA batteries for my camera (that I bought here), at least so I thought. They last for 1 photo at a time, so Allison took pictures for both of us. Stay tuned for more Konark, art village, and other pictures! Luckily, I also found the extra batteries I brought from home for future adventures.